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Complete Guide to Best Apps for Drivers | +9 Apps

best apps for drivers

The role of a driver is to be in the right position at the best time; that’s why having the best apps for drivers helps to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible and is important. Various things can happen on the roads, such as heavy traffic, road closures, bad weather, etc. All these events create unexpected situations. The important thing is that you can show the best reaction in these situations and save your time and money. Using the best apps for drivers will make a driver’s life easier and stress-free.

In this blog, Cash for Cars Calgary, we would like to introduce some essential and best apps for drivers that will make your daily tasks easier, and with the help of these tools, you can make sure that you always reach the desired place on time.

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Best apps for drivers

In this section, we introduce some of the best apps for drivers. Remember to be responsible for using your phone while driving before downloading any of these apps. It is definitely useful to use these programs, but when you are driving, you should be aware of the dangers of this work and use these tools with great care.



Waze is one of the best driver apps, a free application compatible with iPhone and Android. This application has a great impact on navigation. This program has a good ability to plan the path of pain. It also informs users about traffic conditions, speed control cameras, and accidents. Other users can report the reason for the massive traffic. This application lets users know what is around them and plan their routes effectively.

When we are on a trip, we may not know how long it will take to reach the destination; with the help of this application that removes the unknown, we can find out how long it will take to reach the desired destination.



This application is one of the best apps for drivers. Using this tool will make driving much easier. This application is designed to respond to voice commands. It also supports various programs such as music programs, messaging programs, and others. This program also has Google Assistant integration. It can also read texts aloud, turn off notifications for driving, and respond to texts automatically. Surely using this program will give you a satisfactory user interface experience.

Google Maps

Google Maps has changed the way many of us travel. Previously, paper maps were used for travel and roads, but now you can see the driving routes in the best way with the help of your phone. Google Map service is a web mapping service that provides driving directions and satellite images and other things to the user. Google Maps is one of the best apps for drivers that is very popular among people and is free to use. This service provides you with a lot of information about your surrounding area so that you can use it to find gas stations, various shops, restaurants, places of interest, and more.

Google Maps


GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas in your desired area. The prices that users register in this program. The most important thing about this program is that you can get discounts on gasoline when you use the linked account of this program. According to the developers of this program, the new version includes improvements in some features that make drivers smarter and use less gasoline.


This app is exclusively designed for route planning and optimization. With the solutions that this app offers, drivers can use planned routes. This issue in different road conditions leads to availability, increasing the driver’s skill, paying attention to the priority of passengers getting off, and preventing unexpected stops. Route planning and optimization is a great way to find the most efficient routes and ensure you don’t waste your time driving.

Apple Maps

If you are among the people who have an iPhone, you must know the Apple map. This default is a safe option for driving on all Apple devices. Using this program, you can reach the destination you want. If you are among those who get distracted while driving and choose the route, this program is a great option. This program is ideal for people skilled in quickly following program instructions and looking for a program that will take them to their destination without any problems.

Smart Dash Cam

Recently, the use of dashboard cameras has been of great interest to many drivers. These cameras record everything they see; even their data on the road can be admissible as evidence. Another feature of these cameras is that many insurance companies reduce the annual payments for users who have cameras. Considering this issue, some still have not bought these cameras because it may be expensive. But don’t worry, smart Dash is a free app that is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Smart Dash Cam

Google Assistant

This program has many useful applications. You can use this application while driving. Almost everything you need can be done on your phone with the help of this application. These tasks include playing music, replying to a text message, or searching for directions. Of course, it is better to know that this program is not among the programs completely for driving, but it is a good option for those looking for similar functions. The use of this program is completely free.

Android Auto

This app is one of the best apps for drivers developed by Google, which allows users to control certain phone functions while driving. This program is available on most Android devices and can be accessed through the car’s infotainment system. Once connected, the app allows users to make calls, send texts, and get directions using voice commands. It also provides users with access to various programs such as music and maps. This app is designed to minimize distractions while driving, making it a safe option while driving.