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Dealer Service vs Local Mechanic | Who Should Work on Your Car?

Dealer service vs local mechanic

You may think that your local mechanic will beat the dealership in terms of price and customer satisfaction. Still, it should be kept in mind that people usually value professional and reputable technicians more.

Deciding whether to use a Dealer Service vs Local Mechanic to service your car can be a difficult process. To make sure that the quality of your local shop is acceptable as a luxury shop, you should do the necessary checks. In terms of cost and economic issues, choosing each of these options will lead to different results.

Cash for Cars Calgary aims to help you make the right choice for your car service in this article on deciding whether to use a Dealer service vs local mechanic.

Dealer Service vs Local Mechanic

local mechanics

Most of the auto repair shops we see are locally operated and independently operated. Some of them have expertise and skills in making or specific models of vehicles, while some of them provide services for all cars.

Of course, using the services of these stores may be worrying for some people. Of course, it should also be kept in mind that the technicians in local car shops can be as skilled as dealers. In general, using the services of local mechanics is less expensive than dealers.


The dealership is the place where people think they should go for authentic repairs, but keep in mind that in exceptional cases for cars that are still under warranty or cars that have recalled parts, the dealership can be the best option.

The Importance of OEM Parts

OEM parts are parts that are specifically ordered by the manufacturer for your vehicle. These parts are completely suitable and are of the highest quality. Because independent shops service specific types of vehicles, they will only use OEM parts if you request them, otherwise they will likely use generic or used parts.

Having your car serviced at a dealership versus a local mechanic is one of the best ways to make sure you get original parts. These parts can be candles, oil filters or brake pads. The parts that the dealership uses for its services are the same parts that your car is made with.

The Importance of OEM Parts


Your Location

If your place of residence is near a dealership, it means you can have easy access to quality car repairs. But if your vehicle has a manufacturer’s warranty, you can take your vehicle to another location that honors the same warranty. Independent mechanics are usually everywhere in the city, so if you are among those who are far from dealerships, you can choose a qualified mechanic to service your car. You can find a mechanic who is professional in his work by researching.

The differences of dealer service vs local mechanic

Dealer service vs local mechanic have differences in some aspects. In this section, we want to express some of these differences:

Experienced and trained technicians

Dealerships usually give the necessary training to their technicians to be experts in their car brand. These trainings and specializations that are obtained give technicians the ability to diagnose car problems faster and repair problems more accurately. They are often well-versed in the latest technologies, diagnostic tools, and repair techniques related to the brand they represent. This expertise ensures that your vehicle receives specialized care and attention.

Local mechanics usually undergo industrial training and have relevant certificates, but they may not have undergone specialized training in certain car models, which means that it may take more time to diagnose a problem or fix it. They have experience working on a wide range of vehicles and are adept at handling various mechanical issues. They can provide personalized service and tailored solutions based on your specific vehicle needs.


The number of customers of dealerships is usually more, that’s why you probably need an appointment in advance to perform services or repairs at dealerships. Local independent mechanics may be more readily available and able to repair your vehicle sooner.

In the matter of availability in dealer service vs mechanic, dealer services typically have a wide network of service centers, making it convenient to find a location near you. They may also offer brand-specific amenities such as loaner vehicles, shuttle services, or comfortable waiting areas with Wi-Fi, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Local mechanics are often located in close proximity to residential areas, making it convenient to drop off and pick up your vehicle. They offer flexibility in terms of scheduling appointments and may accommodate urgent repairs or maintenance needs promptly.


Due to high overhead and operating costs, dealerships usually charge more for service and repairs than local mechanics. Also, the dealers’ technicians are more specialized and professional, and this also leads to higher costs. This higher cost can be due to the hourly rate of work and markup on parts and materials.

However, they may offer warranty benefits that provide additional coverage for certain repairs and services, giving you peace of mind.

Local mechanics are known for their competitive pricing. They often have lower overhead costs compared to dealerships, allowing them to provide cost-effective solutions. By choosing a local mechanic, you may enjoy potential savings on routine maintenance and general repairs.

Parts and inventory

As we said in the previous sections, dealers use the original parts of the manufacturer. These parts are the same parts that were installed in your car when it left the assembly line. Because the dealers usually provide services of a specific brand, they probably have the parts you need for your car in stock.

Some local mechanics also offer OEM parts, but usually not all of them do. Usually, local mechanics use replacement aftermarket parts that work as well as original parts, but their quality is different. In addition, these parts are cheaper.


Customer Experience and Trust

In dealer service vs mechanic case, dealer services typically have an established reputation backed by the brand they represent. They prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to maintain brand accountability. You can expect professionalism, reliable service, and access to manufacturer resources.

Local mechanics thrive on providing personalized service and building strong connections within the community. They value customer loyalty and prioritize long-term relationships. Choosing a local mechanic means supporting a small business and benefiting from their commitment to exceptional service.

Warranty Coverage

As we mentioned before, Dealer services offer the advantage of preserving your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty. By following the recommended maintenance schedule and using genuine parts, you ensure that your warranty remains intact. If warranty coverage is crucial to you, dealer services are the preferred choice, especially for newer vehicles.

Local mechanics may offer their own warranties for the services they provide. These warranties may cover labor and parts, although the coverage may vary. Discuss warranty options with your chosen local mechanic to understand the extent of coverage and duration.

Dealer service vs local mechanic-Pros & Cons

In order for you to make a decision more easily, in this section, we have brought the pros and cons of both options, i.e. dealerships versus local mechanics.

Advantages of Dealer service

  • Dealerships are experts in specific car brands, so their technicians are professional and more qualified and experienced to handle your car needs.
  • Technicians usually undergo continuous training and are more aware of new developments in the automotive industry, especially for the specific brands they specialize in.
  • Dealers use original manufacturer parts and guarantee the quality and longevity of new parts.

Disadvantages of agency services

  • These services are usually expensive
  • Dealerships have weaker customer service relationships.

Advantages of local mechanic services

  • Some local mechanics will honor third-party warranties
  • Local mechanic services are more personal
  • The cost of this service is cheaper
  • They have a high rank in customer satisfaction, price, quality and timely repairs

Disadvantages of local mechanic services

  • They usually do not specialize in a specific brand
  • They may not have easy access to the main parts of the manufacturer
  • Because there are so many local mechanics, finding the right mechanic for the right job can be a difficult process

Dealer service vs local mechanic-Pros & Cons

So which one is better?

When it comes to deciding whether to use a Dealer service vs local mechanic for repairs, your preferences matter a lot. If you are looking to save money on your car, you can turn to local mechanics for service. If your car is new and you plan to use it for a long time, it may be worth the extra cost, so it might be better to go to the dealership for service. Before making any decision, it is better to do your research for both because it makes the decision-making process easier and less risky.