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Decoding the Scrap Yard vs. Junkyard Conundrum

Scrap Yard vs. Junkyard

When someone plans to dispose of an old car, they usually think of two options. He can take his car to a Scrap Yard Vs. Junkyard. Most people confuse these two options, even some of them believe that they are the same. But this is a misconception that needs to be corrected. Scrap yards and salvage yards indeed have similarities, but they have different functions and also provide different services. This article is all about Scrap Yard Vs. Junkyard So everything you need to know about these two options is here.

Scrap Yard Vs. Junkyard

What is the junkyard?

A junkyard or salvage yard is a business that specializes in buying old cars. These yards take newer cars or cars that are in good condition, but that’s not their main goal. If your car is in excellent condition, it is probably better to sell it privately. Salvage yards are probably associated with regional mechanics. In addition to the metals in the car, they responsibly recycle liquids, tires, seats, and other items.

Salvage yards are very important in terms of environment and economy. They sell for up to 80% less than new parts, passing on valuable savings to those on a tight budget. Also, they recycle up to 85% of the car and prevent many tons of waste from being buried. Salvage yards provide a significant percentage of recycled steel in the United States and generate a large amount of revenue each year. It is a large industry, one that is boosted by the number of vehicles in the country. Without salvage yards, too much waste would have to be buried.

As a final note about salvage yards, they give you the ability to make some money selling your old car. Junk cars can be actively harmful to the environment if they are not used for more than a period, and their fluids can leak or release vapors into the air during decomposition.


What is the junkyard?

Benefits of selling a car to a junkyard

The main advantage of selling a car to a junkyard is that the junkyard knows exactly what to do with the car, but the scrap yard only buys a lot of metal by the ton. The scrap yard wants people to sell as much car metal as possible. They pay the base price for the metal and don’t look at the potential value of the car. They may also look for different types of metal throughout the year, but they prefer copper and aluminum.

So it is better to sell your car to a salvage yard rather than a scrap yard because you will get a better price for it. Also, by doing this, you can make sure that your car parts are used. Salvage yards specialize in scrapping cars, recycling parts, and reducing the amount of vehicle residue for burial. But a scrap yard might take the metal and throw the rest of the car away.

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Disadvantages of selling a car to a junkyard

If you decide to disassemble the car or sell it privately, you will earn more. This is especially true when you want to sell parts such as tires that come off easily. Of course, you should know that destroying the car and selling it is more difficult than disassembling its parts. Also, if the desired parts are in low demand, you may not have much income from selling them.

Salvage yards charge you some fees for their equipment, licenses, employees, and the land they use. As a result, it is better to sell the car to a salvage yard because they have the necessary tools and expertise and extract as much value from them as possible.

What is a Car Scrap Yard?

Scrap yards buy leftover scrap cars, they usually buy the metal in bulk. You can sell scrap metal in small quantities but the more you sell, the more chances you have to make a lot of money. That is, selling an unwanted car to a scrap yard can be a good option depending on the car’s materials.

The base price depends on the specific type of metal being recycled. The most popular metals to buy are copper, aluminum, or zinc. These can be found in household appliances, heavy metal machines, copper electrical wires, or aluminum wires. Copper and aluminum are usually purchased in smaller quantities and then collected and compressed in larger quantities after they are ready for sale. Scrap yards buy metals at the cheapest rates and sell them at higher prices to companies that recycle the metal. These scrap yards play an important role in reducing landfills, pollution, and carbon emissions.

What is a Car Scrap Yard?

Benefits of selling a car to a scrap yard

An important advantage is that the scrap yard makes the process quick and easy. You don’t need to answer a lot of questions and they may be more willing to cooperate.

However, this will not always be the case as scrap yards may have more restrictions on the cars they accept. Suppose you plan to sell your car to a Scrap Yard Vs. Junkyard, check what commercial policies are going to apply to your car. If you plan to destroy the car easily, selling the car to a scrap yard is the best option.

Disadvantages of selling a car to a scrap yard

One of the disadvantages of this is that the scrap yard may not offer the best price, nor will the parts be removed from the vehicle. Scrap yards are notorious for not always having the capacity or skill to successfully separate parts from a car.

But the salvage yard knows how to remove the car’s parts and has the equipment needed to recycle it as optimally as possible. Salvage yards are great for the environment because they limit the amount of new production and help mechanics offer their customers the lowest prices for repairs.

Scrap Yard Vs. Junkyard: Which will pay you more

junkyards give you more value for junk cars because they specialize in cars. If your car has resaleable parts, a salvage yard can effectively dispose of the car. They know who is interested in buying parts and how they can price the parts to go somewhere. They may have a warehouse or space to store rare parts until they can find a buyer for them.

A scrap yard is only going to buy the car for the metal. They only look at the weight of the car and do not pay attention to its other usable components.

Most salvage yards pick up parts they can sell directly. Any parts that remain may be disposed of with the rest of the car or made available to anyone interested. Most old cars do not have many new parts, so the average asking price for an old car is not high. New parts may break down faster in older cars or there may not be as much demand for them.

In general, the price you get for your junk car can vary in your area, but one thing you should keep in mind is that you will make more money at a junkyard than at a salvage yard.

Scrap Yard Vs. Junkyard: Which will pay you more


By now, by reading this article, you can decide which option is better for you: the Scrap Yard Vs. Junkyard. Regardless of the decision you make, it’s best to call your preferred option to get a quote for your car. If your car is in better condition than other scraps, you can sell it to a salvage yard.

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