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Tow a Car Without Wheels | Beyond the Road With This Guide

Tow a car without wheels

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you need to tow your car due to a missing wheel or other issues. Tow a car without wheels can be a bit complicated for people who are not familiar with this process.

Having the right equipment, understanding the necessary safety precautions, and properly securing the car are very important for successful towing. Here we want to tell you how the process of Tow a car without wheels is possible, so if you intend to have full knowledge about this issue, stay with us until the end.

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Methods for tow a car without wheels

These are some methods that you can tow a car without wheels:

Using a crane

Tow trucks include cranes that have flexible designs and elongated bodies, they can approach ground cars from high places. They are adjusted electrically and one can control their movement from inside the cabin. A crane is one of the efficient ways to pull a car without wheels. With a tow truck and a crane, you can move the car from the parking lot in 10 to 12 minutes.

To use this method, you have to get off the people inside the car so that the car is fully visible. The car is wheelless and cannot change position without external assistance, however, the crane consists of long chains with hooks at the end. The crane can approach the vehicle and grab the frame of the vehicle with movable hooks. The hooks are set under the vehicle frame because the vehicle does not have tires.

In this way, the crane does not lock the rims. On both the front and rear sides of the vehicle frame, the crane fixes hooks and chains for support. A person can lift the vehicle and transfer it to the trailer with mechanical control. Also, the trailer can transfer the vehicle to the workshop.

Using a crane

Towing with Dolly

A Dolly moves under the car frame without wheels. It can also pull the vehicle forward and backward. This is a useful method because the dolly can tow lightweight vehicles. Due to the lack of wheels, these cars have a lighter frame that can be towed without any problems. This method is also suitable for non-moving vehicles. A dolly is a flat trailer for setting up and stabilizing a non-moving vehicle.

Move the dolly under the car frame and attach the car to it. They have wheels that can work as the front tires of a car without wheels. Dolly can pull these cars for long distances Dolly can pull the vehicle by turning and jerking itself. The dolly moves the car to the flatbed trailer. These frames are immovable and cannot be removed from flatbed trailers. In this situation, there is no need to fix it with ropes and straps. The trailer can transport the car to garages for repair and control.

Towing with Dolly

Use of cable ties

A cable tie can be used to tow a car without wheels. You can use this method for car frames that have closed points. Towing these cars is a bit of a challenge and requires more mechanical power.

In this method, you need to set one side of the cable tie in the lower part of the front of the moving truck with a hook, then connect the hook of the other side with the frame of the non-moving vehicle under the front bumper. These hooks are stable and have high efficiency. However, they have a steel-based composition for maximum durability. Adjust a sloppy trailer between the pulling and non-working car. Then drive the truck and pull the tireless car at low speed, then set it on the trailer and stabilize it. Untie the cables and secure the car with a rope.

Use of cable ties


You can’t tow like a forklift unless you use lift truck attachments that can enhance the towing process. However, these appendages have specific capacities for weight maintenance. You cannot exceed this capacity because it can reduce their performance. On the forks of a forklift, fix the attachment and secure it with bolts. Employ a wrecker attachment and slide it beneath the tire-free vehicle. Next, secure it beneath the back side’s rims. The rims can be caught by the C-shaped hooks. When the hooks are around the rims, raise the car with the forklift.


tow a car without wheels

Using a winch

A tow winch is a special system for pulling or tow a car without wheels on a platform that has a long wire that can be wrapped around the drum brakes. The winch can create a certain tension that improves stability, and also because of its special composition, it can pull a stationary car.

With a pulling car, you can tow it by using a winch. Connect the wire to the towing vehicle and the vehicle to be towed. Start the towing vehicle and apply a lot of force to the gas pedal. Increase the speed of the towing vehicle and pull the stationary car, set it on a trailer, secure its frame, and move it.

Using a winch

Tips needed when towing a car

Drive at a slow speed: the process of tow a car without wheels should be done more carefully and carefully. Maintain a slow and steady speed to allow for acceleration and deceleration. This will help you control the towing vehicle and trailer better.

Avoid sudden turns: Sudden turns can lead to displacement or instability of the vehicle on the trailer. To avoid this problem, plan your route and anticipate any stops or turns. When approaching a turn, slow down in advance and take a wider turn radius to reduce the risk of instability.

Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles: When towing a vehicle without wheels, it is very important to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. This gives you enough time to react to unexpected situations.

Use your mirrors and signals: Constantly check your mirrors to make sure the car stays securely in place on the trailer. Also, when changing lanes or turning, use your signals in advance to warn other drivers of your intentions and give them time to react.

Final Thoughts

Tow a car without wheels is doable but presents certain challenges. You can succeed in this way by knowing the right knowledge and source. Using the right towing method or professional help, you can do this to the best of your ability.

You must always prioritize safety and ensure that the vehicle is securely locked and perfectly balanced during transport. By following the techniques and instructions mentioned in this guide, you can confidently move your car without wheels and have a safe and secure place. In this way, you ensure that the car reaches the destination without any problems.
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